7 Best Boost Pedals for Solos

7 Best Boost Pedals for Solos

When it comes to boosting your tone, using a pedal can be more effective than simply adjusting the amp’s volume control. Boost pedals are designed to increase the level of signal in order to drive an amplifier harder or push a tube into distortion.

A boost pedal is perfect for solos because it allows you to get that extra muscle required when delivering those killer licks! Are you looking for a boost pedal that can give your solos some extra color?

If so, you’re in luck. After scouring the internet, we came across 7 top-notch options that will add just the right amount of clarity and sparkle to your solo guitar playing.

The TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster pedal is not only a unique-looking pedal, but it also has some of the best clean boost that you can get in a guitar pedal. 

This nice little boost pedal utilizes a feature called PrimeTime. Now, you might be wondering what exactly is PrimeTime?

To put it in simple terms, it means that the pedal can tell if you want it permanently on when you hit the switch with your foot or only when you’re holding the switch down.

The TC Electronic Spark pedal also features 20dB worth of boost. The boost is mainly clean, so it’s perfect for use with soloing. And since it’s a very compact pedal, it’ll easily fit on any pedalboard, no matter how overcrowded it is. 

TC Electronic SPARK MINI BOOSTER Ultra-Compact Booster Pedal with PrimeTime Switching and Fully Analog Design
  • Ultra-compact booster pedal with PrimeTime switching and all-analog design kicks your playing into high gear
  • Impressive 20 dB of completely clean boost makes your core tone shine through
  • Revolutionary PrimeTime footswitch seamlessly toggles between classic on/off or a momentary boost based on how long you hold it down
  • High-quality discrete analog circuit purely amplifies your signal without any degrading or alteration
  • Level control knob gives you versatility to go for a pristine boost or drive your amps to peak performance

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  • Great for clean boost
  • Built like a tank
  • Extremely simple to use
  • 20 dB of boost
  • True Bypass


  • Doesn’t work as good for a distorted boost sound

Xotic EP Mini Booster

This little gem of a pedal is a great sounding booster pedal that will definitely give your tone that added warmth you’ve been looking for.

With a simple footswitch and one knob, it’s also an extremely easy pedal to use, making it perfect for you if you’re just now exploring the word of booster pedals to enhance your sound. 

The Xotic EP Booster will not only boost your volume but will also shape your tone to perfect ear-pleasing frequencies. 

Another feature that should be mentioned is the ability to control both top and bottom-end responses. These controls are somewhat hidden, however, and will require you to open the back of the unit up.

But you will definitely notice them when changing your battery, and once you see them, they are quite easy to play around with. 

Xotic EP Booster Mini EQ Effect Pedal
  • Internal Switches for Bass Boost and Bright
  • Discrete FET Preamp
  • Up to +20db of Gain
  • 9-18vdc Operation

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  • You can leave it on all the time and it still sounds amazing
  • Gives a warm and bright tone to Stratocasters
  • Great for classic tube amp tones
  • Very compact allowing it to fit on any pedalboard
  • Nice bright LED light to let you know that it’s on and working


  • Not the best for combo amps, but great with a tube amp.

MXR M293 Mini Booster Pedal

This slim, compact boost pedal from MXR does two things, and it does them very well.

It not only boosts your signal just like any other booster pedal would, but it also gives your tone a very delicate grainy edge that most other pedals fall slightly short of.

This awesome-sounding pedal is also remarkably beginner-friendly, considering that it has one footswitch and only two knobs – one for volume, and one for tone.

You can also adjust the Echoplex feature, but you have to take the backplate off to do so. (Also easy to do.)

The MXR Mini Booster pedal has been played by some pretty famous musicians such as Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page. However, it also sounds just as amazing if you’re looking to add a bluesy type of feel to your tone. 

MXR Booster Mini Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Get the Echoplex Preamp's saucy mojo with the Micro Amp’s boosting power
  • Pedalboard-friendly lightweight housing
  • Volume control boosts signal up to +25dB
  • Internal Echoplex Preamp level control adds a little extra grit to your signal
  • Model Number: M293

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  • Lightweight
  • Made in the USA
  • Has a wide ranging boost
  • Works great for both bass and electric guitars


  • To get to the Echoplex feature, you have to take off the back faceplate.

Friedman Buxom Boost Pedal

If having ultimate EQ control in a boost pedal is what you’re seeking, then this Buxom Boost guitar pedal from Friedman will really make you excited.

Whether you’re using it to align your tone when switching between guitars, as a solo boost, or as an “always-on” pedal to push a tube amp, this one does it all. 

The build quality is excellent and the controls are well thought out. It even has a toggle switch for the EQ feature and a “tight” knob that enables you to really get the most out of any tube amp that you hook it up to.

Friedman Amplification Buxom Boost Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Plenty of headroom for getting above a mix or driving the front end of an amp
  • EQ Bypass switch removes the 3-band EQ from the signal for a truly transparent tone
  • Accepts 9V or 18V power for higher-headroom performance
  • Active 3-band EQ with boost bass and mid controls and boost/cut treble control
  • Built in USA

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  • 3-Band EQ
  • EQ bypass switch
  • Sounds great
  • Very durable – will last forever


  • Not as beginner friendly as some of the other boost pedals mentioned.

Fender Engager Boost Pedal

This cool metallic-looking pedal from none other than the Fender company offers up to 20db of clean boost. It also features a 3-band EQ, so you can target just the right amount of boost that you are looking for. 

The pedal also has a frequency toggle switch which will allow you to target either 800Hz or 400Hz, while the middle knob enables you to either boost or cut the selected frequency.

There is also a panel on the back of the unit where you can switch the LED light on or off. And there’s also a bypass switch in the back that gives you the choice between true and buffered bypass. 

The Fender Engager boost pedal has a battery door that is attached magnetically, which is great when you want to change the battery quickly.

It’s also made from anodized aluminum which is pretty durable. Because of its sturdy construction, this pedal will definitely be able to handle any gigging or touring.

Fender Engager Boost Pedal
  • Clean boost effect pedal
  • Onboard 3-band EQ; switchable true/buffered bypass
  • Led-backlit knobs; Fender amp Jewel LED
  • Magnetically latched hinged 9V battery door
  • Lightweight durable anodized aluminum construction

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  • Easy to swap out batteries because of it’s magnetic door
  • LED knobs
  • It’s a Fender, so you know it’s quality
  • Great for both single or double humbuckers


  • The power LED light is much too bright for the average person.

Danelectro Billionaire - Billion Dollar Boost Pedal

Unlike many of the other varieties of Danelectro guitar pedals, this Billion Dollar Boost pedal is built solid like a tank. Not only does it have a die-cast casing, but it is also hand sprayed with a unique classic car finish. 

This pedal is great for soloing, because of its ear-pleasing front-end boost. You can keep it on constantly for the clean boost feature or you can turn the volume past 12 and experiment with the dirty boost. 

All around, this is a very cool, retro-looking pedal that does exactly what it was made to do with your guitar’s tone.

It will help your chords and solos have a more defined and articulate presence. You definitely will not regret adding this effects pedal to your pedalboard.

Danelectro Billionaire BB-1 Billion Dollar Boost Effect Pedal
  • True bypass switching
  • Die Cast case
  • Hand sprayed classic car finish

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  • Cool retro design
  • Very easy to use
  • True bypass
  • Extremely affordable
  • Perfect for humbuckers
  • Good, clean boost overall


  • No battery option
  • Input and output are behind the unit

Catalinbread Naga Viper Treble Booster

The Catalinbread Naga Viper treble boost pedal was inspired by the original Dallas Range pedal that guitarists such as Tony Iommi, Brian May, and Glen Tipton from Judas Priest liked to use back in the day. 

If you’re searching for the type of sound that comes from an overdriven tube amplifier, then this awesome-looking pedal is exactly what you are looking for. It’ll get you that much closer to a heavy and harmonic rock tone. 

This pedal features a 3 knob layout that enables you to control EQ range, amount of gain, and overall boost.

And since this is a treble boost pedal, you can hear the high end no matter what you put the settings at. This is better described as the ability to add a whole new ingredient to your tone. 

When it comes to placement within your pedal chain, you’ll want to put this baby before any fuzz, overdrive, or distortion pedals.

And if you have a wah pedal, be sure to place the Naga Viper after the wah pedal on your signal chain. You’ll thank me later.

Catalinbread Naga Viper Modern Treble Booster Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Based on the Dallas Range master
  • Range knob for continuous control over EQ
  • Head knob to control boost gain
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Works best after wah pedals and before fuzz and overdrives. Especially before overdrives

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  • True bypass
  • Really cool design with colors that pop
  • Works just as well as a clean boost  
  • Range knob allows for ultimate control over EQ levels


  • Might increase the noise slighly within your signal chain

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