How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Louder

How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Louder

How do you make an acoustic guitar louder? It’s a question that has been asked by many musicians, but the answer is not always as straightforward as one might think.

For some players, adding a pickup system to your instrument can be the perfect solution. For others, it may be using larger gauge strings or changing how they play their instrument in order to maximize sound production.

In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 easy ways that you can make your acoustic guitar sound louder so your audience (or neighbors) can hear you better.

One of the most basic ways to make your acoustic guitar sound louder is by simply strumming harder.

Obviously, you don’t want to play so hard that it snaps your strings, but enough so that your guitar gets noticeably louder.

Your strings are going to vibrate at greater wavelengths with this method and that’s what will transfer into making it an even louder sounding instrument for all listeners in earshot.

One thing to note is that if you’re strumming with your fingers, then your guitar won’t sound as loud as it would if you were using a pick.

The basic rule of thumb here is that the thicker the pick, the louder the sound.

However, the type of pick you should use will depend on what type of music you are playing and whether or not you are still a beginner.

If you’re just learning how to strum with a pick, then it’s best to use a thinner pick. This will still be louder than using just your fingers.

Use a Microphone

If you are playing the acoustic guitar in a small venue setting such as a church or a bar, then I would recommend getting a microphone to set up directly in front of the soundhole of your guitar. 

One style of microphone that would be good for live performance settings would be what’s called a dynamic microphone.

They’re not only extremely affordable, but they also produce less feedback, which is important if you’re playing for other people.

If you’re looking for a microphone to make your acoustic guitar louder during a recording session, then a condenser-style microphone is the best way to go.

They do tend to be more expensive, but they also sound really sweet when it comes to recording. 

Install an Electronic Pickup on the Soundhole

Another great way to make your acoustic guitar sound louder is installing an electronic pickup on the soundhole.

What this does is transmit the vibrational waves from the strings and sends them through an amplifier. 

This particular trick is not for everyone as it does somewhat alter your guitar’s tone a bit because of the amplified sound.

However, it is a really great option when you want more variety in your acoustic guitar playing.

Another to note is that in order to use this method, you will need a guitar amplifier of some kind.

If you’re looking for something that’s not too loud, I would recommend getting a smaller practice amp.

Put On Different Strings

If you are using older guitar strings, then this may have an impact on how loud your guitar will sound.

Older strings tend to sound much more dull and lifeless than newer strings. Newer strings sound nice and crisp, and believe it or not, can make your strings much louder. 

Equally important when it comes to guitar strings is what type of strings you have on your acoustic.

If you are using lighter steel strings, then they are going to be noticeably softer on the ears. 

Before putting higher gauge strings on your acoustic guitar, make sure that your guitar can handle the heavier gauges.

If you play a classical guitar that uses nylon strings, putting heavy gauge steel strings on it could damage the neck of your guitar. 

Heavier gauge strings not only put more stress on your guitar’s neck, but the strings are usually harder to press down on.

So this method of making your acoustic guitar louder is definitely not for everyone, especially beginners. 

Play In a Better Room

Another idea that will help when it comes to making your acoustic guitar sound much louder is by playing in the right type of room.

Playing in a large open room may result in your guitar sounding lower because the waves take a lot longer to bounce off the walls.

If at all possible, try playing in a smaller room where the sound is much more likely to sound louder because of the quicker wave bounces.

This is why when you play outside, your guitar doesn’t sound as loud. 

It’s also why when you go to outdoor concerts, they have an enclosed stage, kind of like a bandshell.

Before now, you might have thought that the bands played on these types of stages so they could have a backstage area.

And while this is true, it’s not the only reason for this type of stage design. Sound waves are also a factor.

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